How much do they cost?

It depends.  Generally speaking, our simpler trucks are comparable with higher end sprinter van conversions and increase with complexity and size.


Do you build anything for Tacomas?

Not really.  We try to stay inside of a vehicles GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), and that is very hard to do with anything less than a one ton truck.  That said, if you have something in mind we are completely open to discussing opportunities.  


Why Aluminum? (Why not fiberglass?)

Our lead designer has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in composites, so we aren't scared of fiberglass. We just love aluminum.  It's profoundly tough, dents instead of tearing, is very lightweight and aesthetically lovely.  This is an heirloom item that is field repairable with rudimentary hand tools. 


What do you mean by heirloom?

We are sick of campers going to the landfill, and have built our structures accordingly.  There is no expiration date on the cabin, and it can be remodeled ad infinitum.  The cabin is designed to be modular, meaning that when the truck underneath it wears out, the cabin can simply be attached to a new chassis.  If damage occurs, the structure is repairable. When your needs change, the cabin can be remodeled


How long does it take to build one?

This question does depend on the build.  For a non cabover cabin, estimated build time is 4-6 months, cabovers take between 6-8 months to create.  We are intentionally a low volume business with a very small crew of craftspeople.  This means that nothing is lost in translation, quality and customer service are paramount.  We are currently booked until fall 2018.


How did you start building expedition vehicles?

The founders (Eric and Graeme) started building trucks in their shops to go on adventures, wanting to create expedition vehicles that were comfortable but didn't compromise in terms of weight and maneuverability.  That dream and those designs turned into AeroContinental.


Can I swing by the shop?

Absolutely, give us a call or shoot an email on our contact form and we will be happy to set something up.