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AeroContinental cabins are specifically designed for the end user. Nothing is overlooked.


Because AeroContinental trucks are handcrafted without any set tooling, each build can be tailored exactly to the clients needs. Our team of engineers and architectural designers will work with you to create your dream cabin. Aerospace meets overland.


Take a look at our projects.



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Eric Booth

Eric is a cofounder and head designer for AeroContinental. With a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a penchant towards adventure, building custom expedition campers was a natural progression. Eric can often be found in the air, whether it's underneath a parachute or about to land in a remote location in a custom built bush plane. 

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Graeme MacPherson 

The other founder at Aero, Graeme's primary role is working with clients to bring their ideas to a tangible reality. He is an advocate for seeking a balance between comfort and capability; the running joke is that Graeme puts on medical gloves to pump diesel, which is of course is true.  Graeme is an engineer as well, but pretends to be a social media manager when convenient. 

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Ross Addiego

Ross is our systems specialist. With a former career as an award winning grip in the film industry, he has a lot of experience using and designing complicated equipment to survive rough conditions.